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Social Mission
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Elderly and visually impaired people, especially those of higher education and ability, do not want to be disconnected from the outside world and left behind. They want to live normal day to day lives as other people do but need assistance from time to time. For example, they want to know whether the colour of their shirt matches their jacket, identify the verification code on the computer screen when they need to sign in on a webpage or read the expiration date on food packages when they shop in supermarkets. In many circumstances, there is no one nearby to offer them help or they are too shy to ask people on the street. They need technological and smart products helping them solve problems in daily lives.

On the other hand, many passionate people want to be involved in volunteer activities, but they might not have enough time to devote a whole or even a half-day to participate in conventional volunteer work during a designated time and at a specific venue. As a result, these activities are not flexible. If there is an app that volunteers can help people at any time and place when they are available and automatically count their volunteer hours, they will have much more motivation to join.

Our WeVoice+ app can exactly serve the above two needs. It not only helps visually impaired people solve different problems, but also let people experience a new way of doing voluntary work in which volunteers can help the people in need anywhere and anytime.

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