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InnoSpire Glasses


Although text recognition can be performed by WeVoice+ solely, due to their disabilities, visually impaired people may not be able to point their mobile phones accurately at texts. To better cater for the need of our users, we have developed InnoSpire Smart Glasses in 2023 to solve the above problem directly.

IInnoSpire Glasses can convert texts (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English) into speeches (Putonghua, Cantonese and English), helping visually impaired people recognise texts effectively and accurately.  


Users can first connect InnoSpire glasses to their mobile phones with a USB wire and wear the glasses like normal eyeglasses. Opening the OCR app on the phone and pointing it to the texts they want to read, users can press the “Picture” button to take a picture. Finally, relevant contents will be read aloud.

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