WeVoice+ APP

WeVoice+ is a free mobile app that connects visually impaired people and volunteers.

The interface for the visually impaired has three functions, volunteer support, album and artificial intelligence text recognition.

When reading texts like books, newspapers or packages of commodities, users can point their mobile phones at the texts to take a picture. By clicking the text recognition button which converts text to speech, the picture will be analyzed by artificial intelligence which will read out the text accordingly. This feature can build up visually impaired peoples' self-helping capabilities, make their life more convenient, and protect their privacy. From now on, bank statements and personal letters no longer need to be read by others.

If a visually impaired user encounters complicated situations, such as identifying the environment of the street, or objects and verification codes that artificial intelligence cannot recognize, they can take pictures and send them to our volunteers who will describe the content by voice or text. If necessary, users can even have real-time visual communication with volunteers who will give audio guidance after viewing users' surroundings.

On the other hand, there are many passionate people who want to be involved in volunteer activities, but they might not have enough time to do so. Conventional volunteer work requires people to devote half or even a whole day at a designated time and venue. As a result, these activities are not flexible. WeVoice+ enables everyone to be a volunteer at any time and place to help those in need.

You only need to register by email to become a volunteer of WeVoice+. We do not collect any personal data for any purpose.

Here are download links for Google Play and App Store:


Google Play (Android phone)

App Store (IOS)

WeVoice Glasses

WeVoice Glasses is an upgrade product of the WeVoice+ App. It can provide more advanced visual assistance for visually impaired people and elderlies with weak eyesight.

Due to their disabilities, visually impaired people may not be able to point their mobile phones accurately at objects and their surroundings. WeVoice Glasses can solve this problem directly.

Elderlies or visually impaired users can wear our smart glasses like normal eyeglasses. When they face difficult situations like losing directions on the street or reading verification codes on the screen, they can instantly call our volunteers through the real-time video call function of the WeVoice+ app. With Wi-fi and bluetooth technology, instant video and audio signals can be transmitted from the glasses to volunteers, who can view the users' surroundings. 

Available volunteers can choose to answer the call and the first volunteer who takes the call will be connected to the visually impaired user. They can communicate with each other by the bone conduction BT headphone and microphone installed on the glasses and therefore the volunteer can provide instant verbal or audio guidance to the user. Moreover, users can capture images by pressing a button on the glasses and send them to volunteers for descriptions.

In this way, WeVoice Glasses can connect visually impaired people more closely to society and achieve social integration more effectively