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WeVoice+ APP


WeVoice+ is a free mobile app that connects visually impaired people and volunteers. The interface for the visually impaired has three functions, text recognition, photo description and real-time video call.

Text Recognition:

User can point their mobile phones at texts like newspapers, magazines and food packages.  Pressing the "Text" button, they can take a picture of relevant texts which will then be recognized and read aloud by AI technology. In this case, apart from boosting self-confidence and making lives more convenient, it can also protect users' privacy as private letters such as bank letters will no longer needed to be read by others to the visually impaired. Our new version of WeVoice+ can also help users recognize colors and banknotes and thus bring them more favors.

Photo Description:

If users want to identify objects or read texts that artificial intelligence can’t recognise, they can press the “Volunteer” button to take a picture which will be automatically uploaded, and our volunteers will describe the content by voice or text.


Real-time Video Call:

If users face more complicated situations like identifying directions on the street, they can even press the “Video Call” button to have real-time visual communication with volunteers who will give audio guidance after viewing users' surroundings.

Want to be WeVoice Volunteers?

There are many passionate people who want to be involved in volunteer activities, but they might not have enough time to do so. Conventional volunteer work requires people to devote half or even a whole day at a designated time and venue. As a result, these activities are not flexible. WeVoice Plus enables everyone to be a volunteer at any time and place to help those in need. You only need to register by email to become a volunteer of WeVoice Plus. We do not collect any personal data for any purpose.

For enquiries, please feel free to contact our technical support hotline 59774347 in which our visually impaired staff Tim will give answers from user’s perspective during our office hour. You can also email us by

For our valued users, please don’t hesitate to download WeVoice Plus to travel around more safely and conveniently, thus gaining a completely different user experience. Here are download links for Google Play and App Store:


Google Play (Android phone)

App Store (IOS)

As for tutorial videos, please serve our YouTube channel InnoSpire Technology

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