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Dialogue with Legislator

Mr. Shang Hailong interviewed Kelvin, the founder of InnoSpire: discussing how to use AI smart glasses to improve the lives of the visually impaired.

I am very grateful to Mr. Shang Hailong for interviewing Kelvin, the founder of InnoSpire, and discussing how to use artificial intelligence technology to bring a better life to the visually impaired.

InnoSpire is an innovative company specializing in the development of smart glasses, aiming to help visually impaired people better perceive the world through the latest AI technology.

Councilor Shang Hailong expressed his appreciation for the innovative technology of InnoSpire. He said that the government should actively support such innovative enterprises and promote scientific and technological achievements to benefit more disadvantaged groups.

We look forward to this technology bringing more hope and convenience to the visually impaired!


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