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Introduction of "WeVoice"

The mobile app WeVoice is developed by InnoTech Association. Not only does it assist visually impaired friends to read text and identify objects, but also help the following friends:

Old people - Many elderly have the habit of reading newspapers, but as they get older, their vision declines. Very often they are difficult to see the small text in the newspaper. At this time, WeVoice can help, the elderly just need to take picture of the related content, the system can read out the text and let them continue to enjoy reading the newspaper.

People with dyslexia — Friends with dyslexia may have difficulty in reading, they always take more time and effort to read the text. Using WeVoice text recognition function, they can listen to the system reading out the text content, so that they can easily get the information.

People with low literacy - some people have fewer opportunities of literacy for various reasons, which affects their daily life and communication with others. The text recognition function of WeVoice can solve this problem for them because the system turns text into voice. They can understand different content, such as letters, bills, etc., which facilitate their lives.

The following is the link of the YouTube tutorial :


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