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HKPSEA Interview

Recently, Kelvin, the founder of InnoSpire, was interviewed by the Hong Kong Professional and Senior Executives Association (HKPSEA), where he introduced two smart glasses developed by InnoSpire, including the InnoSpire Glasses and InnoVoice Glasses. The former helps visually impaired people read text, while the latter aids the hearing impaired in communicating with others. Kelvin mentioned that future product development will comprise generative AI elements to provide more comprehensive and humane support for users.

Kelvin also revealed that apart from developing technological products for the visually and hearing impaired, InnoSpire has recently been offering STEM courses in primary and secondary schools. These courses cover engaging topics such as drone operation and smart game console production, aiming to cultivate students' interest in technology. Building up solid technological foundations, they will be ultimately contributing to the construction of a more advanced society.

Finally, as a member of the HKPSEA, Kelvin encouraged young people engaging in the development of technological products to conduct thorough user surveys. Only if they fully understand user opinions and needs can they develop the most suitable and thoughtful products for users.

To read the full article, please serve page 24 to 25 of the following link:


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