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Interview by Mingpao

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

According to an article published in MingPao Daily, the issue of an aging population is becoming increasingly serious in Hong Kong, leading to a growing demand for Gerontech products such as smart glasses, smart canes, and various mobile apps. With advancements in technology, numerous convenient Gerontech products are emerging in the market. These products effectively assist the elderly in reading texts, recognizing objects, and preventing accidents such as falls.

In an interview, Dr. Siu pointed out that the elderly face obstacles in adopting Gerontech due to their relatively lower ability to learn new technology. To address this issue, we plan to co-organize free Gerontech basic courses with elderly centers and welfare organizations. A group of enthusiastic and patient volunteers will teach the elderly how to use smart glasses and various mobile apps. This initiative not only helps the elderly solve daily problems and alleviate caregivers' burdens but also enables them to keep pace with modern trends.

Our goal is to make it easy for the elderly to learn and use modern technology, allowing them to enjoy the convenience and fun brought by technology. This not only enhances their standard of living but also promotes social integration and harmony. We are confident that Gerontech will soon become an integral part of the elderly's lives.


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