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WeVoice Shining in HK

Today it’s our honour to be invited by RTHK to participate in the program “香江暖流” to explain how WeVoice+ app and WeVoice Glasses can help visually impaired people solve daily problems, like reading texts and searching for destinations. Facing difficult situations, visually impaired people can have real-time visual communication with volunteers through WeVoice+. With wireless network and Bluetooth technology, sounds and images can be transmitted to volunteers’ mobile screen through WeVoice Glasses. Viewing users’ surroundings, volunteers can provide proper audio guidance. In the current anti-pandemic period, there is an increasing need of WeVoice Glasses, from which volunteers can help visually impaired people read the results of virus testing and thus maintain their mental and physical health. We need to work together to beat Covid-19 and restore normal life. Let’s fight hard.

To review the full episode, please serve


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